Sumitomo Cryogenics Group

SHI Cryogenics Group, a global manufacturer that includes the Cryogenics Division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. and the former APD Cryogenics, delivers innovative solutions to the semiconductor, research, optical coating, and medical industries.  


SHI Cryogenics Group is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic systems and products. The company designs and manufactures cryogenic systems for a wide range of applications, from medical to industrial. SHI Cryogenics Group has been in business for over 20 years and is known for its quality products and services. With the help of bangbet log in, customers can easily place orders and track their shipments, as well as view real-time pricing information. This makes it easier for customers to make informed decisions when buying cryogenic systems and products.


With offices in Japan, Europe and the United States, it has been producing quality cryogenic equipment for nearly 50 years.  SHI Cryogenics Group serves its customers with facilities around the world, while its renowned engineering departments in the United States and Japan continue to focus on the latest cryogenics technologies, including innovative cryopump and cryocooler designs.


In addition to cryopumps and both 4K and 10K cryocooolers, SHI Cryogenics Group manufactures pulse tubes, shield coolers and laboratory cryostats.  As always, customers benefit from performance reliability, leading edge technology and a global sales and support network. 


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Service and

For SHI, APD and Daikin product service and support, visit the Service Page to find your local service center.  Support options include: 

- Exchange programs - On-site service
- Spare parts - Service depot repair
- Customer training - Service contracts

New products

SICERA™ Cryopump  

The SICERA Cryopump boasts extremely low energy consumption, running at only 0.9kW per pump.  This allows up to six pumps to run on a single compressor without performance degradation, while maintaining reliability and temperature and vacuum stability.  View a short video here.

Marathon®  Cryopump Controller

The MCC is a modular, remote accessory that provides automated operation of the regeneration sequence for the complete line of Marathon CP Cryopumps 

1W, 0.5W PulseTube Refrigerators

SRP-082B The next generation in Pulse Tube cryocooling.  Offering 1W @ 4.2K, 40W @ 45K and improved vibration 

SRP-062B remote valve, concentric design. The highest capacity 0.5W @ 4.2K Pulse Tube cryocooler in the SHI range

F-series Compressor

The first commercial compressor designed specifically for the Pulse Tube cryocooler. Offering precision gas and oil management techniques.

CP-Marathon® Cryopump Range

Incorporating the high-torque 3-ph motor used in all the MRI cryocoolers, we now offer an extensive range of cryopumps from 8" to 22"

Single Stage GM/JT Cryocoolers

CG304SC 1.0W @ 4.3K, 50Hz
CG308SC 3.0W @ 4.3K, 50Hz
CG310SC 4.2W @ 4.3K, 50Hz

3-stage GM Cryocooler

SRDK-3ST offered with a range of water and air-cooled compressor options. Most recently used on the ALMA project